So they day has finally come – Kate and Wills (aka The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) have welcomed into the world a bouncing baby boy who...
Royal Baby birth A bundle of post-pregnancy surprises for Kate

Royal Baby birth A bundle of post-pregnancy surprises for Kate

So they day has finally come – Kate and Wills (aka The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) have welcomed into the world a bouncing baby boy who is also the third in line to the throne, the Queen’s third great grandchild and the most eagerly awaited royal baby, ever!
The happy couple and their future King have a happy future ahead of them; a bright and busy horizon of nappy changing, nightly feeds, cooing over cute baby gurgling and eagerly awaiting those all-important first words, but there is quite a bit more in store for first time mum, Kate in her postpartum days.
While the Duchess’s delivery was Royally unique – with two gynaecologists whom she shares with her grandmother-in-law – her post-labour experience will be just as hormonal and leaky as every other woman’s.
In fact, there are a whole bunch of things first time mums will experience after having a baby, many of which they are completely unaware of. So Macs thought it best to give you a little insight into what Kate is to expect in the next few weeks post-childbirth. Yes ladies, she is exactly like you and me!
Night Sweats
Poor Kate, giving birth in a heat wave is not going to help with the constant sweating women experience after giving birth – especially at night. This is the body’s rather annoying way of getting rid of the extra water you retain during pregnancy. To make matters worse, while your pores are working overtime your kidneys are also in action trying to get rid of water, so you will be urinating constantly.
This ‘leaking’ will last several weeks after delivery, and it tends to last longer if your breastfeed. It sounds silly, but drinking lots of water is essential for helping to speed up the sweating and it also ensures you don’t get dehydrated. Your health is so important as a first time mum, so you should also keep an eye out on exactly how much you sweat. Excessive amounts could be a sign of other problems, such as an underactive thyroid gland.
Stretch Marks
While it’s impossible to believe Kate’s slim, athletic build has been ravaged with stretch marks, this is an all too common reality for many first-time mums. Stretch marks are narrow pink or purplish streak-like lines that can develop on the surface of the skin as a result of ‘breakage’, and they are most likely to appear on your stomach and sometimes on your breast and upper thighs.
While they can occur at any stage in life due to weight gain or puberty, it is hormonal changes during pregnancy that make you more likely to get stretch marks. This means many of us are left with unattractive scars after pregnancy, which can put a negative spin on the beauty of having a baby.
If you do get them, don’t worry too much, as after your baby is born the marks should gradually fade and become less noticeable, but remember they will never completely disappear. There are however treatments and products you can invest in to prevent to decrease their appearance and rebuild your confidence, and Macs strongly recommends Dermalogica’s Ultraich Body Cream which is safe to use while breastfeeding and even during pregnancy to prevent stretch mark build up.
Not only does this formula reduce the appearance of stretch marks but it also deep hydrates and moisturises exceptionally dry skin. The Ultra Rich Body Cream is filled with Dermalogica’s Environmental Protection Complex, including Glycolipids and Vitamin E that help to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. It also includes Evening Primrose Oil, which renovates dry skin, along with Panthenol that helps with cell repair.
Your belly will still be big after the birth
OK OK, so Kate barely had a pregnancy belly, but even she won’t be back in pre-pregnancy shape yet! In the first few weeks after giving birth, your skin and stomach muscles are still stretched out, and your uterus is probably still the size of a cantaloupe. All that will make you look about six months pregnant for a couple of weeks (or even months) post-delivery. So do not take your skinny jeans into the hospital ward with you to change into after you give birth! It’s not going to happen!
You’ll need lots and LOTS of nappies
Think about it, babies sleep, eat and poop. And they eat every couple of hours, which means they’ll also be pooping every couple of hours. Cue several nappy changes everyday – probably a bag’s worth! So make sure you stock up (but preferably not on the Gucci clad versions Kate will most-likely be using).
Your nipples might be sore
Breast feeding mums might suffer from tender nipples, which could become dry and cracked. Make sure you keep them well moisturised and you can even invest in gel pads to pop on your boobs after your baby has finished nursing.
You’ll need extra lube… for months
When a woman is breast-feeding, her hormone levels plunge to those of a woman who’s gone through menopause—usually resulting in serious trouble lubricating. This means potentially painful sex so we strongly recommend stocking up on lube. This dryness will not last for long though, so your sex life will get back on track eventually.
You’ll need your alone time 
If you’re breastfeeding, your baby will be attached to your boob pretty much 24/7, so you won’t get much alone time – quite a big transition for a first time mum. Take some healthy time out from your baby by enlisting your partner or relative to bottle feed prepped breast milk. You will get some much needed rest and will be in better spirits when your baby is crying out for his next feed.
And remember ladies, it’s OK to make mistakes
So you’ve never changed a nappy before and you’re worried about holding the baby wrong, or not lifting his head properly – CHILL! You’ll do absolutely fine as your natural mothering instincts will take over. Plus, despite all the self-help books and baby manuals on the shelves promising the best child raising methods, there is no actual right or wrong way to be a mother.
Even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make a few mistakes as first time parents, but it’s all part of the learning process and figuring out how to play mummy and daddy. Having a baby is no easy transition, and just like Kate and Will – no matter how Royal they are – after your bundle of joy comes into the world your lives are never the same again.
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AL PILLAY - Beauty Regime

AL PILLAY - Beauty Regime

Al Pillay is a multifaceted personality whose electrifying career has spanned theatre, film, chart recordings and radio. Known as the entertainer’s entertainer, he is London’s foremost cabaret star and regular guest on the Jo Good radio show 94.9fm BBC London.
Hiya everyone, especially to all our regular inquisitives, i am thrilled to share some more of my beauty secrets and treats with you; now listen up y’all!
I am going to drop a bombshell here, it is no longer going to remain my best kept secret – it would be utterly selfish of me not to share it… So just two words: “white lotus”, the greatest of all natural anti-aging companies i have come across – a vegan ethical company whose absolutely effective products contain no additives, preservatives, colours, flavours, parabens or sulphates. Now you know how fond i am of the ancient Chinese art of skin needling, white lotus do a whole range of derma rollers, plus dermal stamps and a beautiful 100% crystal jade skin roller. May i just boast about how totally overwhelmed i am by this company and its products; for two weeks i have been using their scar serum with the 0.5 roller and no word of a lie, the big open pores on my cheeks along with the patch of heavy pitted skin that i’ve had since i was 13 (I’m 52 in august and I’m still burning! Haha!) have reduced by at least 80%! I doubt whether the fraxel laser or skin peel could produce such a fantastic result; and that’s the other advantage of white lotus products, they work wonderfully on all skin types, black and white and all the multifarious colours in between, whereas an awful lot of people are excluded with commercial chemical peels and lasers – olive and black skins often have to think of another route to go down, since there often is a dire risk of uneven skin pigmentation. I think the white lotus way is the future!
Do not delay, make haste and check out their website for everything from their deluxe restoration hair pack to their neckline slimmer. What I’d suggest you try in conjunction with the deluxe restoration hair pack is tricologic from vitabiotics’ wellman range, it contains vitamins and minerals, about 30 nutrients including pantothenic acid, biotin, micronutrients and keroatone to help maintain existing hair growth and healthy hair follicles within. Also, the neckline slimmer, I have to get one of those! Even though i teach face yoga to many celebs and stars, this device looks like a brilliant and useful must-have. By the way, if you live in pushy abrupt london and you contact the white lotus people you may have a culture shock, by how beautifully human and civil they are (especially kamela – congratulations on the birth of your new one!). Check out their website: I doubt you will look any further in the future to smooth out that jolly old eek of yours.
Talking lasers, i cannot speak highly enough of the homedics products – safe and reliable – and the new “me” laser, a hair removal apparatus that will save you spending hundreds of pounds at a salon. It is incredibly effective for all over the body, and a certain star told me it worked instantly as she has been expecting to shave a certain area – “I do not wish to know where you hide your diamonds on a long haul flight, thank you”, I said!!!! – and she cannot believe how smooth she is still. A trans friend of mine says she loves the “me” laser and also her remington I-light, which she will not be without. Another bonus, both reckon, is a noticeable plumpness to the skin as it might be producing more collagen. Both swear by (and both do like troopers!) the instant effectiveness of these devices.
I must mention that many west end dancers have invested in the homedics shiatsu deep kneading foot massager – I sneaked a try in the dressing room as the curtain went up on the second half and wow! Was I floating on for that wonderful curtain call. If you have (or know of anyone with) circulation problems, think about investing in one of these – its a must have!
Moreover, there is an amazing product on the market called “epilift”: it instantly erases even deep lines and wrinkles, it’s what everyone in hollywood and in tv-land over here uses. Talk to kevin at epilift uk, go to the website: It’s cheaper in price over here and it is a magical product too that will smooth and keep skins wrinkle-free for up to twelve hours.
I’m always looking and i can’t help noticing saggy skin, but without judgement! I mean it’s not a crime to have wrinkles or bags and sags, it’s normal, it’s natural and has its own aesthetics; i mean i can actually see the absolute beauty in somebody’s face sometimes, the whole story of that persons life, so no i don’t judge, i think it’s very wrong to do so. In fact i cannot stand the fascism of the beauty industry at times. I’m just one of many, though, who has always been a bit vanity-motivated and likes to teach that bitch old father time who’s the boss! But that’s just me. Its part of my job.
However, i cannot recommend highly enough the “slendertone face”; after 6 weeks, the woman next door who is 63 literally looked 51. I’m not kidding, it looks like she has gone off and had the most natural face lift in the world, she said she used it everyday for the first few weeks and now does it just once a week in a relaxed state. Set aside 20 minutes, the results are unbelievable; at £300 its cheaper than a surgical lift.
By the way have you tried Kiehl’s Acai range? The cleanser is foaming! Excellent for clearing impurities and shrinking those pores; i like the crew in the Covent Garden shop, they really take time with the customers and you can’t help but want to purchase the products. Pop in and tell ‘em: “Al sent me”.
And just before i go: m.A.C make-up, skin finish mineralize is a must-have and creates the most amazing light and lovely base for night and day, i love it! And try their new false lashes mascara: wow! I also love (for the stage and the street, because i cannot differentiate either) their lip pencils; i alternate boldly bare with dervish – that’s my favourite right now.

So there you have, all of it from my mates’ and my own latest tried and tested buys and uses that we’ve been wallowing in, some for years others for a few months.
I hope they help out a little; i will be filling my vanity trunk with more purchases from now until we have our next natter and will be sharing the contents with you shortly. Until then, remember: beauty also resides within and it is not what we always do to our bodies but what we do with our minds that is our greatest beauty asset.
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Get Back in shape

Get Back in shape

If in the past 10 years you were walking through an airport and saw a tired, overweight, bloated, red-faced bloke in a suit with a cup of coffee in one hand and a Blackberry in the other – there was a good chance it was me! Twenty years working in a corporate environment, where international travel was part of the job specification, played havoc on my physical well-being!

Do not misunderstand me I loved my job, enjoying both the challenges and the international travel. Staying in shape was just not my primary focus!

A change of job and a move to another country, where life was more predictable, led to a gradual rethink! My son started playing junior rugby for the local rugby club in Luxembourg and I started to get involved in coaching. Having played Rugby Union for 25-years it was fun to get involved again and I do know the game. However, at 104 KG (230 LBS) I was hardly a good example for these little guys playing their hearts out on the rugby pitch! I struggled to keep up with them!

My eight year old son, knowing that I had played Rugby in the past, was desperate to see me play again. I explained that at 47 years of age, fat and unfit that was never going to happen – or so I thought! It was a day in early April 2012 when one of the Junior Rugby Union coaches, who also happened to be Head of Luxembourg Touch Rugby, and the inspiration behind the development of Touch in the country, suggested I come and join their Wednesday training sessions. After jokingly asking if they would have an air ambulance on standby (I was half-serious), I went along!
The first month to six weeks was hell and I could not stay anywhere near the pace. Touch Rugby is an incredibly aerobic sport putting a lot of pressure on knees and ankles and requiring a lot of stamina. It is though a brilliantly engaging sport, requiring speed of thought, discipline and team cohesiveness. It has everything I love about team sports and I started to get serious. I joke now that the team had bets out on how long I would last but the support and encouragement they gave to me was outstanding. I started training with the group Friday and Sundays as well as Wednesdays and the weight slowly started to drop.

It quickly became apparent that having been physically inactive for so long I was not exactly “Mr Flexible.” Touch Rugby was putting pressure on my lower back with constant bending to pick up the ball at pace from various moves. I needed to also build back muscle. To do so I hired a personal trainer for one day a week to work with me in the Gym. As a semi-professional hand ball player I liked the programs she developed and the understanding of what my body could cope with, what I needed, and what I personally wanted to achieve – She was (and is) great!

Luxembourg had entered an over 40s team (M40) into the European Touch Championships taking place in Treviso, Italy between 12 and 15 September. By June I started to think I may have a chance of making the team. I was still carrying too much extra ballast but it was gradually falling away! With the prospect of facing Wales, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain and France I was not without incentive.
I realised that to get in shape in time I also needed to change my diet. Cutting out unhealthy snacks, bread, pasta, pizza, fries and limiting alcohol was important. Combining protein with vegetables (excluding potatoes) and / or salad took another gear change in will power! I was not rigid about it and would still on occasions meet friends for a night out. However, I would make sure I did not miss training the next day even if with a hangover!

By the end of August I had lost 16 KGS (35 LBS), got back some pace and made the team for the European Touch Championships. The result of our efforts in Treviso meant that Luxembourg was lifted off the bottom of the European Touch table and became respected by all the bigger senior teams. There were many highlights I took from the tournament. One of my favourites was when playing one game against Wales for the Luxembourg Senior Mixed Team. They were struggling with injuries and required a few of us over 40s to double up and play a game or two for them.
Hearing one of the Welsh players look at me and shout “watch the old bloke with grey hair” meant I must have made an impression!

More importantly, my wife, daughter and son came to watch the tournament and I don’t think my son has ever enjoyed himself so much watching his Dad play Rugby again (albeit Touch). I know it is something he will never forget and I don’t think he has ever been more motivated to get back to training for his team.
The fact that I played eight games in 3 ½ days, had no problem keeping up with the game, or making an impact, gave me a great deal of satisfaction!
I won’t pretend it was easy but I do know that losing the weight was the hardest part of the journey, maintaining a healthy weight is easier – it just needs a little commitment. For me being older means that I understand my body better – what it needs and what should be avoided. I realised that if I could get involved with a team, playing a sport I loved, I could keep fit and enjoy doing so!
Motivation to not let your team mates down and to show that you can still perform is a very powerful incentive!

I know people that can, by creatively managing agendas and adopting a lot of will power, do stressful International jobs and remain in good physical shape! I would previously have contested that they are in the minority! Now I am not so sure! I will soon be back travelling internationally but this time I do believe it is possible to keep in shape – I have learned a lot in the past few months and that will all be put to good use in the future!
What I learned about getting back in shape:
  1. Set yourself an end goal (for me it was the Euro Championships). Make the commitment!
  2. Find a team / club playing a sport you enjoy or want to learn (peer pressure is powerful)
  3. Take advice on proper warm-ups and cool downs after exercise
  4. If you use the Gym have someone develop a program that matches your capabilities and aspirations. Building muscle helps to burn fat!
  5. Listen to your body – be patient if you feel sore – don’t push it!
  6. Change your diet and don’t overload on carbohydrates
  7. Cut out alcohol for a few days a week (I would drink alcohol a maximum 2 days a week)
  8. Find a good physio (particularly if you are training hard).
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Be a man and get a tan

Be a man and get a tan

Let’s groom guys – here are some interesting facts about fake tan and why men should try it as well.
Ladies have been fake, spray and self-tanning for a long time, men have as well, but they most have hidden that pretty well. If you check out the male A-listers, like George Clooney, John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, you will see that they all tried have tanning and have looked fabulous with it. Some better than others, we must say pointing out the slight errors that have occurred before, like Bradley Cooper’s glowing cheeks and pale chin. Even the biggest male magazines have run articles about fake tans and all the best options for the individual body type.

Let’s face it – we use the tanning products because they makes us look better, healthier, less tired and more relaxed. True story.
Looking after you nowadays is very ordinary; men are taking extra care about their hair, often more so than women. Men loves the creams which moisturises their hardworking hands and make them softer, so why not to try fake tan? As you know, we live in Britain where the summer only really occurs for two weeks of the year (if we are lucky!), so why not make yourself to look good all year round? And if we listen to doctors, they say that the real sun is actually bad for us – skin cancer, wrinkles (oh no!), and mottled pigmentation. So here we have it -fake tan is a healthier option to avoid pale skin and keep you beautifully golden all year round.
However, don’t get too excited and go grabbing your girlfriend’s fake tan, you’re going to need your own and here are a few reasons why:
- Men sweat more than women, so the skin is oilier and gets dirty. Male’s tan has different ingredients to adjust the special needs.
- Facial and body hair plays a part in the quality of your tan. If you think there is only one type of fake tan for men, think again! There are a number of different types for differing body hair.
- Men and women have different skin types. Men have almost 20% thicker skin than women’s. So for men it is advised to use self-tan lotion before applying the actual fake tan.
To get the best outcome you’ll also have to follow these steps:
- Exfoliate! This means scrubbing yourself very well before applying the tan. Scrubbing helps you to get rid of all the dead skin cells and will help you get a perfectly equal tan.
- Remember to use applicator mitt, latex gloves or tanning mousse, and that your hands are clean before you start applying. Without gloves you’ll be surprised how tangoed your hands will get.
- Think about your aftercare options. We all know that your tan will be apparent in 60 seconds, but we often forget factors like sweating causing stains on light clothing and rain leaving horrendously unattractive water marks… There are some extra grooming options, like body moisturisers that will help to maintain the tan you have and help it last that little bit longer.
Here are the best sellers for face and for body approved by the male market.
Let’s start with the facial options:
St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan: Face
This facial moisturiser is full of vitamins and aloe vera, so it has a dual benefit – helps you to gen tanned and obtain all the vitamins your face needs. This moisturiser will help you control your tan if you like darker or lighter tone.
Nickel Le Grand Bluff Self Tanner
Now this has been one of the best male grooming products for years, and this product works as a moisturiser as well. Good texture and gives you healthy and fresh look with no hassle.
Polaar Tinted Self Tanner
This product has double action bronzing effect, it gives and instant healthy glow, as well as a nice tan without leaving any orange marks. Again, this product has that moisturising effect.
And for the Body:
St.Tropez Bronzing Mousse
This brand is the original and market-leading product. It is longevity, easy to use and aroma free – a big yes for male products. It is easy to apply on the more hairier of bodies as well as on hairless skin. Best of all it has the appeal of a natural looking tan.
Vita Liberata Phenomenal Tanning Mousse
This product is full of natural ingredients; it is easy to apply, and for all skin types. Available in different shades – fair, medium and dark. The only downfall doesn’t last as long as you sometimes want.
He-Shi Express Liquid Tan
This product gives you a tan instantly, when you apply it on the skin. It gives you a healthy look but also quite a dark bronzed complexion.
Well if we talk about the spray tan, it is best if you leave it to professionals. They might ask you for a little bit more money, but they will make the tan look spotless and generally don’t leave you looking like a clown!
We’d recommend MACS SALON for the best male spray tan in the city.
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Bach Emotional Eating Kit Discover your inner beach goddess

Bach Emotional Eating Kit Discover your inner beach goddess

Discover body confidence and your inner beach goddess with Bach Emotional Eating Kit.
Let’s face it, how many of us actually achieve our perfect body shape in time for our much anticipated summer beach holiday? We all start off on our diets and fitness regimes with the best of intentions but life has a habit of getting in the way.

The reasons are legion; perhaps you contract a persistent flu bug or you pick up a muscular injury, maybe the boss wants you to work longer hours, your gym closes down etc. Sometime the reasons are genuine or sometimes, let’s be honest; we have a disastrous loss of will power.
Here at Macs we try to help our readers in every way possible. Our fashion sections contain many articles about how to look good regardless of the circumstances, and our Healthy Living and Way Forward sections contain a veritable library of fitness programmes and dietary advice.
However, we also understand that the best laid plans don’t always work and you may find yourself on holiday with your pool-side sun lounger creaking under the weight of a few extra and distinctly unwelcome pounds of flesh. So we’ve consulted our fashion experts for confidence boosting clothing ideas and teamed up with Bach Remedies to help you deal with negative emotional and physical issues.
As Gok says, Ladies it’s all about the confidence! So here is our 5 point plan to help you feel like a goddess this summer:
Bach Emotional Eating Kit is a set of three 10ml flower essences to give a helping hand with diet and healthy living regimes. It is the first product available in the UK to help with emotional eating. You can create your own individual combination and adapt it to suit your changing moods. The essences are alcohol free and suitable for the whole family.
Bach Emotional Eating Kit includes the essences:
  • Crab Apple – When you feel unclean or dislike something about yourself, Crab Apple can help you accept yourself and your imperfections. Self acceptance means you are less likely to rely on food to make you feel good.
  • Cherry Plum – When you fear you might lose control of your diet, Cherry Plum can help you to think and act rationally.
  • Chestnut Bud – When you find yourself repeating the same dieting mistakes, Chestnut Bud can help you gain knowledge from your experience. This means you are less likely to fall into your old bad habits, for example reaching for food when things get tough.
 We believe that if you adopt a few of our strategies you might end up with a much happier holiday experience. If you are a regular visitor to the salon then you can ask for more ideas and information and, in addition, we will actually be running a competition in which we’ll be giving away Bach Emotional Eating Kits as prizes. Alternatively the links below may prove helpful.
Bach Emotional Eating Kit costs £11.49 and is available from Boots, Holland and Barrett and all good independent healthfood and pharmacy stores.
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A Twist On The Classic Men's Style Re-Defined

A Twist On The Classic Men's Style Re-Defined

Like switching from a Bud Light to an Old-Fashioned neat, sometimes the modern man needs to update his style and get with the classy. No longer will trainers and trackies cut it as the boys are looking to put just as much effort into looking pretty as women are. But just because you’re switching your sneakers for a suit doesn’t mean you have to give up your individuality.

For a funky twist on a timeless classic why not try out these wooden bow ties from Two Guys’ Bow Ties.
The Oklahoma based company started out looking to fill the niche for interesting and inventive men’s accessories and found their place with these hand crafted wooden bow ties.
They range in style, cut, color and size and are made from some beautiful and rare hardwoods that are brought in from across the world. Designs are laser etched into the hardwood and each tie is finished with a bolt of fabric to give each tie it’s own unique look. Whether you’re looking for a mild but unique addition to your workwear or looking to get truly funky, the company has something for you.

The bow ties range from £29.50 for smaller options up to £60 for a custom creation and are available for shipping around the world.
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