July 2013

Edie Campbell: Haircut transformed me

Edie Campbell

Edie Campbell “killed off” her old persona when she cut her hair.

The British model has appeared in campaigns for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Lanvin and until earlier this year she was known for her fresh-faced, girl-next-door look.

In February she ditched her long honey-coloured hair for an edgy short black style. She believes the decision was instrumental in boosting her career.

“The girl in the long grass – the 60s Woodstock girl – has been killed off,” Edie told British newspaper The Telegraph.

“I think it allows people to reconsider what jobs you might be good for.”

Edie walked in a number of huge shows earlier this year, including Chanel and Alexander McQueen. The 22-year-old star was simultaneously studying for a degree, eventually leaving with first class honours in history of art. It was a difficult time but she is proud to have stuck with it.

“It’s a huge relief!” she admitted. “Juggling work and my degree was a bit of a nightmare, so I’m very pleased to have finished!”

Edie is looking forward to taking some time off over the coming months. She is going on holiday with her mother and wants to spend time riding horses too.

The model’s face will grace upcoming Lanvin adverts, where she is seen as a “slightly mad but super-glam woman”.

She also appears in a campaign for Jil Sander and admits feeling shocked when she sees the images in magazines or on billboards. Edie finds it “surreal” that her career has taken off to such an extent and promised that even though she’s successful she won’t get boring.

“Always!” she laughed, when quizzed on whether she is thinking of changing her hair again. “But I think I should try and avoid bleaching it or I might just end up bald!

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