July 2013

A Dog’s Eye View: Glasses especially for canines!


Like us humans, our four-legged friends can suffer from the odd sight problem, but would you believe you can actually give your dogs glasses to help them to see better?

After trawling through the internet I came across ‘Doggles’. Like Poodle meets Labrador (Labradoodle) goggles meet dogs, and in the most stylish way, ever!

These snug fitting frames – which wrap around your dog’s face – are designed to provide standard correction for mature dogs losing their sight and for canines who have had cataracts removed in each eye during surgery. They are completely safe and comfortable for your canine to wear – featuring foam padding and shatter proof anti-fog lenses.

Untitled-2Such clever inventions follow a number of eye-wear solutions for blind dogs which have emerged in recent years, and just like human specks, they are becoming more fashionable than ever.

Warby Parker is one of the most prestigious companies providing doggy eye-wear that is chic and unique. Its line, Warby Barker features a colourful collection of canine specks designed to give your dog the gift of sight, while looking super stylish at the same time.

From monocles, to sunnies to Gok Wan style glasses, Warby Barker caters for every pet and circumstance, and better yet, each pair of glasses is toxin free and 100% environmentally friendly (in case your dog decides to have them for lunch).

The range even comes with a quirky set of names, including Spiced Liver, Lobster Bisque, Gravy Burst, Dusty Bacon, Mutton Royale, and Grey-bone Fade.

Eye wear with flavour, definitely.

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