May 2013

Alice Eve debuts sleek Star Trek bob


This summer British actress Alice Eve will grace our screens as the sexy female lead in the latest Star Trek film, Into Darkness, and she will be looking edgier and sleeker than ever with a side-parted, platinum blonde bob shaved up at the back.

The 31-year-old’s character, Dr Carol Marcus – who she describes as “a highly intelligent woman who is pretty wily” – has a drastically different look to Alice’s tousled everyday style, and the actress admits it was a hard adjusting to the sharp look.

Speaking to Style magazine she admitted she felt naked and that “it was very high maintenance”.

The star – who is the daughter of the British actors Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughn – adds that when it comes to acting, you can’t be choosey about your hairstyle.

“You can’t be precocious about it” she said. “It’s not about you, it’s about character. You can’t say, ‘But I like my hair straight with a centre parting.’ It grows back quickly as well.”

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